Physical Science

Prentice Hall Text Cover
Northwood Physical Science Syllabus Lab Report Guide
Conceptual Physics - All Sections Graph Paper PDF
First Semester Review Guide More Graph Paper options
Second Semester Review Guide  

Chapter One

Chapter One PowerPoint Introduction Review Guide

Mars Climate Orbiter

Build a Solar System

Simulations (Software): Virtual Reality Bobsled Simulator
Exploration of Physics Interactive Physics
ModelSmart West Point Bridge Design
Collection of Engineering Games - Nationwide Lifts

Chapter 9 - Motion

Chapter 9 PowerPoint (Class)
Tutorial - Velocity and Acceleration Speed and Acceleration
Multimedia Physics - Speed, Velocity and Acceleration
  Chapter 9 Review Guide

Chapter 10 -  Forces

Chapter 10 PowerPoint Friction Lab
Tutorial - Momentum Tutorial - Newtons Laws
Multimedia Physics - Newtons Laws Chapter 10 Review Guide
Newton Scooters Results
Projects - Valemar Projects

Chapter 11 - Forces in Fluids

Chapter 11 PowerPoint
Chapter 11 Review Guide
Cartesian Diver
Make a Cartesian diver. Search for better designs.

Chapter 12 - Work and Machines

Chapter 12 PowerPoint Chapter 12 Review Guide

Chapter 13 - Energy and Power

Chapter 13 PowerPoint
Conservation of Energy
Tutorial - Conservation of Energy
Multimedia Physics - Energy Transformation Downhill Skiing
Multimedia Physics - Energy Transformation Roller Coaster
How Stuff Works
Science of Sports
Chapter 13 Review Guide

Chapter 14 - Thermal Energy and Heat

Chapter 14 PowerPoint (Class) Specific Heat Lab
Heat Specific Heat Problems
Heat Transfer US Department of Energy
Energy Quest How a car engine works
  Chapter 14 Review Guide

Toothpick Bridge Project

The Competition
Bridge Basics
More Basic Bridge Types
How Bridges Work
Sightseers Guide to Engineering
PBS Building Big Bridges
Bridge Pros
Bridge Designer
  West Point Bridge Design
  The Idea (Yes Mag)

Chapter 15 - Waves

Chapter 15 PowerPoint Chapter 15 Review Guide

Chapter 16 - Sound

Chapter 16 PowerPoint Sound Waves
  Advanced Sound Waves - Vibrations and Wave Animations
Chapter 16 Review Guide
Shock Waves
Sonic Boom Video Sonic Boom (Sound)

Chapter 17 - The Electromagnetic Spectrum

Chapter 17 PowerPoint Does Light have Mass?
  Chapter 17 Review Guide

Chapter 18 - Sight

Chapter 18 PowerPoint Chapter 18 Review Guide

Chapter 19 - Magnetism and Electromagnetism

Chapter 19 PowerPoint Chapter 19 Review Guide

Chapter Electric Charges and Current

Chapter 20 PowerPoint Chapter 20 Review Guide

Bottle Rockets

Beginners Guide to Model Rockets
Bottle Rocket Basics & More
Investigating Water Rockets
Water Rocket Book
Model Rocket Plans
Science Fun with Airplanes
Aircraft Design Workshop
Smithsonian Air & Space Museum
Broken Links
Rocket Modeler Applet
Beginners Guide to Aeronautics