Conceptual Physics

Giancoli Cover
Concept Formulas and Conversions Lab Report Guide
Physics Classroom - Main Page Northwood School Physics Syllabus
PhysicsLABâ„¢ Homework Sheet
ActivPhysics Online First Semester Review Guide (12-13)
Graph Paper PDF Second Semester Review Guide Seniors (05-06)
More Graph Paper Options Second Semester Review Guide Juniors (05-06)
  Mr. Martin's Physics Site
The world as seen by a physicist: ExxonMobil Teacher's Academy

Chapter 1 -  Introduction

Mars Climate Orbiter Chapter 1 PowerPoint (Class)
Bus Lab
Significant Figures (Wikipedia)
Significant Figure Drill
Problem Solving Strategies
Rules for computing w/ Significant Figures
Dimensional Analysis
Build a Solar System
Bad Science - MMR vaccine and autism
World's Roundest Object Video (What is a kilogram?)
Simulations (Software): Virtual Reality Bobsled Simulator
RockSim Interactive Physics
West Point Bridge Design
Exploration of Physics

Chapter 2 -  Mechanical Equilibrium (Introduction to Vectors)

Egg Balance Chapter 2 PowerPoint (Class)
Chapter 2 Review Guide

Chapter 3 -  Newton's First Law-Inertia

Galileo Incline Chapter 3 PowerPoint (Class)
Chapter 3 Review Guide

Chapter 4 -  Linear Motion (Kinematics in One Dimension)

Chapter 4 PowerPoint (Class) Chapter 4 Review Guide
Acceleration due to Gravity Lab Quadratic Equation Programming
Multimedia Physics - 1D Kinematics Tutorial - Kinematics in One Dimension
Free-Fall Computer Activity

Chapter 5 - Projectile Motion (Kinematics in Two Dimensions)

Chapter 5 PowerPoint (Class)
Chapter 5 Review Guide
Trigonometry Notes / Vector Sample Problem
Bulls Eye Lab
Ski Jump Lab (Egg Drop)
Vector Homework Problem Scan
Vectors (Broken Link?)
Projectile Motion Simulator - From Ground
Projectile Motion Simulator - Adjustable Height
Multimedia Physics - Vectors and Projectile Motion
Tutorial - Vectors and Projectile Motion
Projectile Motion
Projectile Motion Calculations
Law of Cosines

Chapter 6 - Newton's Second Law - Force and Acceleration (Dynamics)

Chapter 6 PowerPoint (Class) Chapter 6 & 7 Review Guide
Friction Lab Multimedia Physics - Newtons Laws
Tutorial - Inclined Planes Tutorial - Newtons Laws

Chapter 7 - Newton's Third Law of Motion - Action and Reaction

Rocket Action-Reaction Chapter 7 PowerPoint (Class)
Chapter 6 & 7 Review Guide

Chapter 8 - Linear Momentum

Momentum Chapter 8 PowerPoint (Class)
Chapter 8 Review Guide
Momentum Lab Acivity
Ballistic Pendulum Lab
Multimedia Physics - Momentum
Tutorial - Momentum
Online Momentum Experiment
Mr. Matt's "Fixed" Online Momentum Experiment
Linear Momentum Game
Conservation of Momentum Animation
Another Conservation of Momentum Animation
Three Types of Collisions - Animation
Conservation of Momentum in Explosions
Physics of Pool
Air Track Demo
Momentum Computer Activity
Spud Gun Ballistic Pendulum
Chapter 9 - Energy (Work, Machines, and Efficiency)
Chapter 9 PowerPoint (Class) Chapter 9 Concept Review Guide
Pulley Lab Chapter 9 Problem Solving Review Guide
Multimedia Physics - Work & Energy Tutorial - Work, Energy & Power
Roller Coaster Ride Work & Energy Computer Activity
Escher Waterfall Escher Roll-Up

Chapter 10 - Circular Motion

Chapter 10 PowerPoint (Class)
Centripetal Force / Circular Motion Lab
Tutorial - Circular Motion
Multimedia Physics - Satellite and Rotational Motion
Satellite Site
How satellites work
NASA Satellite Site
Space Junk
Circular Motion Computer Activity


The Competition
Bridge Designer
Bridge Basics
More Basic Bridge Types
Sightseers Guide to Engineering
PBS Building Big Bridges
Bridge Pros
How Bridges Work
West Point Bridge Design
  The Idea (Yes Mag)

Chapter 11 - Vibrations and Waves

  Chapter 11 PowerPoint (Class)
  Simple Pendulum Lab
  Tacoma Narrows Video
  Waves - Thinkquest
  Earthquake Simulator
  Wavelength - Physics 2000

Chapter 12 - Sound

Chapter 12 PowerPoint (Class)
Sound Lab
Sound Waves
Advanced Sound Waves - Vibrations and Wave Animations
Sonic Boom (Sound)
Sonic Boom Shock Waves

Chapter 23 & 24 - Light


Chapter 16-22 Electricity and Magnetism

Homopolar Motor Section Review Guide
Homopolar Motor
Homopolar Motor Line Art

World Wide Web Page Hosting



Roy's Rockets a.k.a. Northwoods Rockets


Scratch-Built Model Rocket
John Coker's Rocketry Site
Rocketry Online - Info Central
Satellite Tracking (Space Junk ISS, etc.)
Beginners Guide to Model Rockets
Rocket Modeler Applet
Model Rocket Plans
Model Rocket Building Techniques
How Rocket Engines Work
Aircraft Design Workshop
Beginners Guide to Aeronautics
Smithsonian Air & Space Museum
Team America Rocket Challenge TARC
Commonwealth Displays
LOC Precision
Giant Leap Rocketry
Apogee Components & Rocksim simulation software
Hangar 11 Hobbies
Balsa Machining Service

It is rocket science after all!