Northwood School Biology Syllabus
Biology Course Desription  
First Semester Review Guide Human and DNA Review
Second Semester Review Guide
Good Sites:
  CELLS alive

Unit I- Scientific Method

Text: Chapter 1 Appendix A
A. The Scientific Method Bad Science - MMR vaccine and autism
B. Graphing & scientific measurement
Living vs. Non-living Characteristics of Living Things
Comparison of Living vs. Non-Living Things
Kingdoms Chart
Scientific Method notes
Graphing Homework 1
Graph Paper PDF Graphing Homework 2
More Graph Paper Options How to Construct a Line Graph
  Simpsons Worksheet
Isopod Behavior Pre-Lab
Isopod Behavior Lab
Scientific Methods Review sheet

NIGHT LIFE. These stalked barnacles (Vulcanolepas osheai) thrive at a vent site in the Lau Basin, between Fiji and Samoa, that's so deep that it's always pitch black there. The site is part of what biologist Charles Fisher describes as "the center of diversity for barnacles."

Cool Animals Oil Eating Microbes
SciShow Human Parasites CNN: Oil-eating microbes for the Gulf

Top 10 Badass Living Creatures

Fox News 7 and Oppenheimer Biotechnology

TED Talk Rewilding


Unit II: Chemistry of Life

Text: Chapter 2 -   
A. Basic chemistry  
B. Properties of water  
C. Organic chemistry  
General Chemistry Notes

ORGANIC ORIGINS. These carbon-based molecules were detected in space.NRAO

Chem. worksheet
Chem and organic review sheet
Organic Chemistry Notes
organic worksheet
Organic Review Sheet

Unit III - Ecology

The Biosphere - Text: Chapter 3
Ecosystems & Communities - Text: Chapter 4
Populations - Text: Chapter 5
Humans in the Biosphere - Text: Chapter 6
Intro to Ecology
Ecology Notes

Ecology Intro Vocabulary

Ecology Review Worksheet

Tree ID Activity
Ecology of Northwood
Ecology Test Review Qs
Owl Pellet Lab

Vocabulary Review Sheet

Most intelligent Mimic Octopus in the world
KINGS OF Camouflage HD (cuttle fish EXCLUSIVE)
Biome Presentation
Biome Worksheet
Introduction to Biomes
Deciduous Forests
Tropical Rainforest
Tree Activity
SUNY ESF Tree Guide
Blue Planet: The Deep Sea
Blue Planet: The Coast

Bizarre fish in Kelp Seas - Blue Planet - BBC Earth

Frozen Planet: Summer

  BBC Planet Earth Seasonal Forests spring.flv
  Fish and frogs living out of water - BBC
Human Ecology
Human Ecology Notes
Human Ecology Review Sheet
Most polluted Places
Salt's Impact Article
Vanishing Habitat



Unit IV - Cell Structure and Function

Text: Chapter 7  
Cells Notes
Cell and microscope worksheet
Ecology cell parts HW bio R
Diagram of a microscope
Tour of the Cell HW
Intro Microscope Lab
Cells Alive

Cell Membranes

Cell Membrane Notes
Cell Membrane Worksheet
Cell Membrane Review
Cell Membrane and Transport Puzzle
Eggs & Osmosis Lab
Osmosis in Potatoes Lab
Osmosis Lab - Pick Your Substance
Electron Microscopic Atlas of Cells, Tissues and Organs


Unit V - Cell Reproduction
Mitosis and asexual reproduction
Text: Chapter 10
Mitosis Notes
Mitosis Mitosis Drawing Cards
Mitosis Figures
Mitosis Vocabulary
Mitosis Intro Worksheet
Mitosis Worksheet #2
Onion Root Lab

Meiosis and sexual reproduction

Text: Chapter 11
Meiosis Notes
Meitosis Meiosis Matching Worksheet
Meiosis Vocabulary Worksheet
Meiosis Worksheet #2

Unit VI - Genetics

Text: Chapter 11
Text: Chapter 12
Text: Chapter 13
Text: Chapter 14

Basic Genetics Notes
Alien Genetics
Genetics Practice Problems
Genetics Review
Genetics Textbook HW
Complicated Hereditary Patterns
Complicated Genetics Homework
Complicated Genetics Worksheet
First Pedigrees
Sex Linked Problems
Chromosomal Basis
Genetic Disorder Project

Unit VII - Evolution

Darwin's Theory of Evolution - Text: Chapter 15
Evolution of Populations - Text: Chapter 16
The History of Life - Text: Chapter 17
Classification - Text: Chapter 18
Evolution Darwin's Evolution Notes
Evolution Homework
Giraffe Neck Homework
Thumb Lab
Finch Beak Lab
Bat Evolution NPR
Speciation Notes
Speciation Homework



DNA and Chromosomes

Section 9 - Human Systems

Circulatory - Text: Chapter 37
Respiratory - Text: Chapter 37
Digestive - Text: Chapter 38
Skeleton & Muscles - Text: Chapter 36
Reproduction - Text: Chapter 39
Basic Development - Text: Chapter 39
Basic Development - Text: Chapter 40
Human Systems Digestive System
Digestion Notes
Digestive System Worksheet
Digestion Flow Chart
Enzymatic Digestion Table
Fast Food Assignment
Fast Food Info
Grocery Scavenger Hunt
Recommended Dietary Allow
Circulatory System
Circulatory Notes
Circulatory Worksheets
Heart Labeling Practice
Review for Test
Investigating Pulse Rate
Activity Data
Respiration System
Respiration System Notes
Respiration System Worksheet

Repoduction System

  Reproduction System Notes
  Reproduction System Hoework
  Reproduction System Diagrams